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02.10.2021 On October 1 of this year, the wedding of the so-called "Grand Duke" Georgy Mikhailovich Romanov (actually the Prince of Prussia, born in 1981, Madrid) and descended from the family of Italian winegrowers Rebecca Virginia Bettarini (born in 1982, in Orthodoxy Victoria Romanovna), took place in St. Petersburg. Russian citizen G.M. Romanov is positioned by his supporters as the heir to the throne and "Tsarevich".

We remind you that the Russian Imperial House in the male generation ended in 1992 with the death of his grandfather, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia (born in 1917) and the succession to the throne, in accordance with Articles 30-35 of the Basic State Laws of the Russian Empire (1906), passed into the female line of the House of Romanov. The daughter of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia from a morganatic marriage with Leonida Georgievna Kirby (born Princess Bagration-Mukhranskaya), Russian citizen Maria Vladimirovna Romanova (born in 1953, Madrid) does not belong to the Russian Imperial House and has no rights to the Throne. From her marriage in 1976 with Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia (born in 1943, in Orthodoxy Mikhail Pavlovich), the happy newlywed Georgy Mikhailovich was born later. About his birth in March 1981, on behalf of the Romanov family, the Prince of the Imperial Blood Vasily Alexandrovich (1907-1989) published a statement: “The happy event in the Prussian Royal House has nothing to do with the Romanovs, since the newborn prince does not belong to the Russian Imperial House, nor to the Romanov family”.

The last members of the House of Romanov were the Princesses of the Imperial Blood Vera Konstantinovna (1906-2001) and Ekaterina Ioannovna (1915-2007, married to Marquis Farache di Villaforest). The rest of the living descendants of the Romanovs in the male line come from morganatic marriages, are not members of the Imperial House and have no rights to the Throne.

Currently, the heir to the Russian Throne is His Highness Prince Nikolai Kirillovich of Russia, Prince of Leiningen (b. 1952, born Karl Emich Prince zu Leiningen), eldest grandson of Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia, Princess of Leiningen (1907-1951) and great-grandson of the Head of the Russian Imperial House in exile (since 1918) Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia (1876-1938).

                                               Chairman of the Council of the International Union of Nobility

                                               Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich Golitsyn

Moscow, October 2, 2021.