A fifth child, a third youngest daughter, was born on October 9, 2018, in the family of Prince Jean of Orleans, Duke of Vendome, heir of the Head of Orleans House, and his spouse Philomena of Orleans, Duchess of Vendome. On October 13, 2018, baptizing took place, at the Catholic Temple of St Peter in the city of Dreux, of a daughter of Duke of Vendome. A newly born princess was named Hyacinthus Elizabeth Charlotte Maria. As the parents explained, the first name is now very popular and appealed to their elder daughter, Princess Antoinette. The second and third names were given in honor of Princess Elizabeth Charlotte of Pfalz, the second spouse of Phillip I, Duke of Orleans, younger brother of King Louis XIV. The name Maria is a traditional form of respect for Saint Virgin Mary. The Duke and Duchess of Vendome are already raising four children: eight-year old Prince Gaston, six-year old Princess Antoinette, four-year old Princess Louise-Margaret and two-year old Prince Joseph.